In Memory of Adam Powell aka zer0zer0one - All proceeds go to supporting his son.
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zer0zer0one's Latest Album "Finale" MP3 Digital Download of the new CD


The week before Adam passed away, he called me up on the phone and said "It's Finished! My album is really finished!!"  He was so excited. He was such a perfectionist when it came to his music that he never allowed himself to really "Finish" any songs. They just keep on getting added to. Well, now he has done that for an entire album. Now, it has been "mastered" and released for downloading. 

This is for a Digital MP3 Download of the Album Only. You will be able to download it immediately and will also receive an email with the link in it just in case you didn't get it downloaded. This link can only be used two (2) times. Please do not share it. 

But, if you purchase a physical copy from us, you'll get an actual CD of this latest album that is sure to become a collector's item. We'll be printing up a full color jacket for it and the CD will be printed in color as well. We expect these to be shipped by the end of July. There will be a limited production of them at first (100), so be sure and be one of the firsts because we may not reprint this same sleeve and CD. They will be the real collectible item. 

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