In Memory of Adam Powell aka zer0zer0one - All proceeds go to supporting his son.
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About the 001 zer0zer0one Artwork

Each of the designs we offer on this site was either created by, modified by, or originated by either Adam or his son, Cohen Audio.  Here are the logos, designs and more and their origins.

This is the original 001 design that Adam had made into a silk-screen that could be inked on to a number of different items. We may offer some actual silk-screened items at some time, but for now, we're taking this design that was pulled from the actual silk screen and digitized in PhotoShop™.  Adam loved to see this logo show up all over and was very excited about creating it.

The addition of zer0zer0one (the 0's are zeroes, get it?) was something Adam came up with in the last several months. He loved the look of it, the way it has three letters before, in-between, and after the zeroes. We've added it to the logo above to make sure people know how you say it. 

Adam LOVED turntables. He got his start spinning vinyl and doing Drum and Bass and mixing other's music with dual turntables and a mixer. His favorite was probably a Vestax turntable. One day, he found a site online that had blow-apart designs of turntables and grabbed this one and was able to incorporate his FM001 logo into the design. We found it on his laptop and just knew it was all Adam. This one makes a really cool shirt, coffee cup and even hang on the wall poster!

Adam heard this quote in a short animated film and really hooked into it. He used it on several occasions to encourage others to act, to move forward, to take chances. As it states, any time we have now can be used to make things better, to move on, or to help others. Once you're gone, you can no longer do anything. But WE can do more in Adam's place, as he would have us do.


Being a Vinyl fan, Adam had a large collection of vinyl records. Anyone that ever put a spin to a 45 rpm record will recognize the symbol to the left as a 45 rpm adapter. The 45's had large holes in the center and this adapter allowed you to use it on a turntable that was made for LPs with the small holes. Drop the 45 on the table, change the speed, and you're ready to play.

Adam considered getting a tattoo of this, but never got around to it. 


For a while, Adam was working as 001 without letting everyone know who he was. In order to generate some buzz about it, he got a large number of 3.5" computer diskettes and put labels on them like the one here. He would take them to places all over town and glue them to surfaces, telephone poles, the backs of signs, wherever he could find a surface that was visible to a number of people. Some of his friends and Huntsvillians will probably recognize these and never knew what they were!


(More to come as we add them)



Note: If you have more or different information from what we show here, please feel free to let us know. We're adding a contact form to allow anyone to contact us easily.